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Boat choice, who can row what

Paid up members of SRF have many boats to choose from in the boathouse and they range from being suitable for beginners all the way through to elite rowers.
The SRF board has implemented a grading system that describes which boats individual members may use dependant on experience, ambition level  and whether or not the competition fee has been paid. The various classes are;

  • A - elite rowers (competition + membership fee)
  • B - competitive rowers (competition + membership fee)
  • C - recreational rowers (membership fee only)
  • D - novice rowers (membership fee only)

Boats classed A & B are for use by elite and competitive rowers only and boats classed C & D available to all rowers. In each boat house you will find a chart explaining which boats are available to who. (Also available on the swedish page for boat choice.)
Should you be uncertain as to which boats you can use you are or wish to be upgraded contact the club captain at This is a mailto link who would be happy to advise you.

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