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Training senior C-class members

Open training for all C-class members on Wednesdays at 17:00 (earlier start time because of the sunset).

We will do exercises to enhance our rowing technique and potentially form some teams for racing, for the ones that want that. We have several boat types available for C-class, from singles up to an eight.

Coaches are on site to help and give tips from motorboats.

We look forward to seeing you all!

You are also welcome Sundays at 14:00. Then it is a joint sessions of C and D-class rowers. This is a great opportunity to mix people and help each other out.

Following boats are reserved for this activity: 

1x: Seglora (C), Mariehill (C), Atlanta (C), Isbla (C), Aquaria (C), Uggleviken (C), Block (D), Lido (D), Tull (D), Bellman II (D), Solliden (D), Junibacken (D), Katthult (D), Lönneberga (D), Vimmerby (D)

2x: Bullerbyn (C), Vädla (C), Gothem (C), Lyell (D), Rosenhill (D), Mowitz (D)

4x: Oakhill (C), Kiwi (C), Ejdern (C)

4x+: Framnäs (D)

4+: Göta (D), Svea (D), Wancke (D)

8+: Zök (C)

and also the motor safety following boats.
Plats Lidovägen 22
Datum onsdag 23 september 2020
Starttid 17:00
Sluttid 19:00
Den här aktiviteten tillhör kalender "Kalender"
Detta är en återkommande aktivitet varje vecka onsdag till och med 2020-09-30

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Lidovägen 22
11525 Stockholm

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